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LTO³ Original

LTO³ Original

LTO3 is a 100% natural product with very pure and high quality, ecological ingredients.

It improves concentration and learning performance, provides a clear mind, relaxes, is uplifting, promotes sleep and increases vitality.




Due to the European Health Claims Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006, which entered into force on 14 December 2012, we are not allowed to provide detailed information on our food supplements or their effects on health. Further information on our products can be obtained directly from the manufacturer and in the relevant forums and information portals. 

The law does allow us to inform you further about our products by phone and email.

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This product is protected worldwide by Intellectual Property license CA1281ST1013

Product Description

Pure natural product!

Unique, natural ingredient complex with Sementis*, Scutellaria Lateriflora and 5-N-ethyl-L-glutamine (L-Theanine).

Contents: 90 capsules


Sementis* (contains a.o. oceanic DNA, polynucleotide, Omega-3/-6 EPA & DHA, arginine, phospholipid, selenium, zinc, vitamin C), Scutellaria Lateriflora - above ground parts only (contains a.o.bioflavonoid scutellarin and other flavonoids, resins, tannins and essential oils), 5-N-ethyl-L-glutamine (L-Theanine), separating agent magnesium stearate, Pullulan capsule.

Main components:Per 100 gPer 2 capsulesPer 3 capsules
Sementis*29,8 g200 mg300 mg
29,8 g200 mg300 mg
Blue Mugwort14,9 g100 mg150 mg

* Sementis is a registered trademark of OCEAN NUTRASCIENCES and contains 21% to 32% oceanic DNA.

Recommended intake

For the best possible absorption of LTO3, we advise you to take the capsules in the morning 10 minutes before breakfast with a drink, without chewing. Sometimes it appears that the intake of milk and sugar products can hinder the absorption, which reduces the effect.

The recommended daily intake of LTO3 goes by body weight.

From 45 kg: 3 capsules daily. 

Less than 45 Kg: For a body weight of less than 45 pounds, take 2 capsules.

If the effect is insufficient after 2 weeks of use, you can adjust the dose. Please consult the instructions for use or mail us at contact form.

Highly sensitive people: Start with 1 capsule per day. Then, if necessary, increase the dose with 1 capsule every week until the desired effect is obtained (up to 3 capsules).

PetsUp to 15 kg 1 capsule daily. Between 15 and 40 kilos 2 capsules and above 40 kilos 3 capsules daily.


Food supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. With pregnancy and lactation you should consult a doctor. Store out of reach of small children. Keep the closed packaging cool and dry.

Used capsules

Plantcaps™ are the next generation of vegetarian capsules made from Pullulan - a natural water-soluble polysaccharide. Pullulan is extracted from cornstarch by yeast fermentation.

Pullulan has been systematically tested for quality and safety and is currently being used increasingly in pharmaceutical and consumer products.

The main features of Plantcaps™ are:


Additional information

Weight 30.24 g

90 capsules

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